My vision:

My goal is to apply the very best photographic techniques to capture the spirit of


using available lighting only.

I photograph all forms of Performing Art, but my primary interest is in Dance.

I also shoot in the rehearsal studio, using ambient light, studio lights and flash as appropriate.

Exhibition & awards:

  • Big Dance 2013
    Two pictures exhibited in the London Gallery in connection with the Big Dance event 2013.

My Background:

My working career covered many Scientific and Technical roles and I retired from IBM with the title of "Master Inventor". During this time I spent many years developing Digital Image Processing techniques for organisations such as The Metropolitan Police, NASA, The British Antarctic Survey, and several Geological and Oil survey companies. I was also Visiting Professor in the Electronics and Computer Science Department at the University of Southamptor.

As the father of a dance crazy daughter I spent a lot of time sitting in studios, watching rehearsals, and helping out with scenery, props and backstage at performances. It seems almost inevitable that the two together would lead to my specialising in Dance Photography.

I have worked with dancers of all ages and I am CRB checked.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of me shooting your next production, or if you need portfolio shots for Dance School Applications, please contact me via