Recent Events:

Most of these images are in private areas until I get release permission from the event organiser. Images that are not password protected are noted

Barton Stacey DogFest. September 2018. No password required.Images here!

Private Shoot. Sep 2018

Private Shoot. Aug 2018

BAD Summer Shows. July 2018.Images here!

Summer Show - Coppelia. June 2018Images here!

Mayor's Charity Concert. March 2018.Images here!

FlipSide Summer School. August 2017.Images here!

BAD ME Show. 22 July 2017.Images here!

BAD ME Dress Rehearsal. 22 July 2017.Images here!

BAD ME Dress Rehearsal. 16 July 2017.Images here!

FlipSide 10th Anniversary Show. June 2017.Images here!

Place to be Proud Of Awards. June 2017.Images here!

FHC For Hair Charity Show. Apr 2017.Images here!

Flipside Studio Shoot. Dec 2016.Images here!

BAD Central Studio Performance. Oct 2016.Images here!


    Magazine Shoot - Aug 2017

    BAD Summer Shows - July 2018

    Coppelia - June 2018

    Mayors Show - Mar 2018

    FlipSide Summer School - Aug 2017

    ME Show - 22 Jul 2017

    ME Dress Rehearsal - 22 Jul 2017

    FlipSide Show - Jun 2017

    Place to be Proud Of Awards - Jun 2017

    Ballet Schools Portfolio work - Feb 2017

    Private Shoot - Feb 2017

    Magazine Shoot - Jan 2017

    Private Shoot - Jan 2017